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personal growth

A Layman's Guide To Making Spirituality Work In Real Life

The Department of Zenitation

The Department of Zenitation is an entertaining, insightful book that excites the reader’s deeper spirit. This is done with short, easy to comprehend chapters dealing with a myriad of thought-provoking subjects. Each chapter is filled with old and new philosophies, complete with maxims and quotes from some of the greatest thinkers of all time. Thirty-two years of extensive research went into this publication.  People have mentioned how good it’s made them feel to read the wisdom contained here. They’ve said that the insightful messages offered hope and a different perspective, and spurred them on to reevaluate their opinions, challenging them to question why they believe the way they do.

​This book is for everyone. Some readers might appreciate the brevity, variety, and scope of the subject matter broached. Others may admire its diversity and non-preachy approach. The seeker will enjoy the hundreds of thoughtful, inspiring quotes by renowned authors included at the end of each chapter. Other readers may be struggling in a particular area of life, and they may turn to the section inside that deals with their problem for perspective. No one can define anyone’s reasons for enjoying a certain book. What makes any narrative worthy is not whether the reader agrees with every point made, but if they approach the ideas collected here with an open heart and mind they shall know themselves better, and self-knowledge is the greatest gift of all.