-- J Byron Smith - "Love it!" - I love this book...it provides valuable insights on over 100 of life's issues and dilemmas...a must read...and re-read! *Amazon.com

​Dr. Dennis Sullivan - "Better yet, it's easily digestible" - I found this book to be very insightful. Better yet, it's easily digestible, being broken into over 165 1-3 page "chapters". Each chapter discusses a single idea such as Love, Truth, Character, Vanity, Intimacy, Courage and is supplemented with quotations from the likes of Einstein, the Dalai Lama, Chesterton, Churchill, Dickens, Camus and others. The format is perfect for taking a couple minutes out of my day to ponder that single idea without getting bogged down in verbiage. The author admits he has no new ideas here, but wants to give the reader a chance to "think on great ideas over and over again until the take root in our own personal experience." I think he's done a good job of that and highly recommend this book. *Amazon.com

​-- Cheryl - "This book is excellent. Sometimes rereading a chapter really makes one think" - This book is excellent. Sometimes rereading a chapter really makes one think. This is not a read once and put on the shelf type book. It can also be a book of great reference. Highly recommend it. *Amazon.com

-- Excellent Tom!! I really liked the spirituality chapter. Here's My two cents...I love the short and concise nature of the chapters. Very easy to read yet leaves you wanting more. Also, each sentence left me pondering my relationship to the chapter title. Your words spark thought and introspection, who can ask for more! You inspire spiritual inquiry and growth in people...I'm not sure there is a better quality my brother! Phenomenal work...thank you!!!   Bobby

-- Tom, This book will fly.  Matt Love.

-- Tom, this is really good stuff. It really helped me more than I can say.  You can help so many with this material. Bless your heart for taking the time to put it all on paper. That can be a difficult task sometimes, but I don't think there is a wrong way to do it :) Thank you, thank you I really needed this right now ♡ Many blessings dear friend, Leah

-- Glad you finally got this published! There's lots of people waiting! Bert T.

-- I can't wait to buy my own copy. I feel privileged to have read some of the chapters already. Bre P

-- You tell it like it is, Tom. Love Loyd

-- Cant wait to be enchanted!!! Kathleen M

-- I'll be waiting and holding a positive thought toward both you and your book. Your posts have already Blessed me repeatedly I repost them often you are an amazing teacher.Thank you so much. I appreciate your excellent advice and can't wait to read your book Good Luck!!!! Lynne B

-- Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of ur book! Josephine

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